Van Life, AYNITL/Croxhapox, Ghent, 2022
Discounts, Convent, Ghent, 2021
Aroma Burner, Extra City, Antwerp, 2021
Grand Cru, Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels, 2020
Crisis of Masculinity, Edition, 2019
Crisis of Masculinity, Deurle, 2019
Belegen Kaas, Artist Print, Brussels, 2019
Night Cream Ottoman, 2019
Apartment for sale, The Fridge, Sofia, 2018
Who else?, Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels, 2018
Heidi’s Delight, The Stable, Waregem, 2017
Current Residents & Associates, Greylight Projects, Brussels, 2017
The Ideal Husband, Jan Colle Gallery, Ghent, 2016


My work explores the role of brands and products in our culture. Scaled discounts, a faux wooden living room, giant lingerie or coffee screen prints are amusing works that explore the concept of lifestyle. The result is often interdisciplinary and site-specific, breaking the myth of artistic genius with ready-made sculptures and collaborations.


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